Chattogram BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology

The Vice-Chancellor's message

Professor Dr. Mohammed Obaidul Karim VC Sir

The discovery of fire has made it possible for men to alter nature. Consequently, people could make hammers, harpoons, plows, tractors, and today's industrial plants. When man was in an economy of gathering food, he used to wear leaves from trees to avoid shame. Just as technology has enabled people to trade and distribute food production, they have also acquired the ability to produce another portion of their basic needs, clothing. The growth of humans, the expanding scope of society, and the increasing demands of humans have caused rapid and significant technological changes. Consequently, the size, design, etc., of clothes worn by people also began to change, and people's tastes also changed. As rituals became more integrated into human life, familiar extraordinary conceptions emerged based on them. The development of a vast industry centered on clothing, which manifests itself in aesthetics and lifestyle, has been fueled by the diversity of clothing in this diverse cultural life.

The garment industry and its exports significantly impact our economy, which relies heavily on exports. Our country developed a huge garment sector in response to this feature. Technology's development, application, and education are crucial for the growth of this foreign exchange earning sector. At the same time, the expansion of technology education is also very important. Chittagong is the center of commerce in Bangladesh. Most of the garment factories are situated in Chattogram. Chattogram felt the need for a technology-based specialized university to expand the education of the garment industry technology. But this sector cannot grow and develop without an educated and skilled workforce. In the future, it is essential for us to become more conscious of this matter as the fourth industrial revolution approaches. This will enable us to potentially furnish skilled labor that depends on technology for this industry. Establishing a university in Chattogram was crucial for the city, as it would enhance the country's garment industry. In the end, the wise decision of the leaders of Chattogram BGMEA decided to establish a technology-based university. And thus, the journey of this university began. Initially, the university had four departments, even though it had been authorized to have six departments and three faculties. Human relations-oriented humanities are also needed with the rise of business and technology-oriented education. Soon, Commerce and humanities courses will be introduced by us due to this reason.

Education is an ongoing process. To fulfill the country's requirements, new subjects based on science and humanities will be introduced in an ongoing process. By completing our work, we will fulfill the objective set by the leaders of BGMEA who have established this university. In this journey, we request the collaboration of everyone, including fellow citizens, and we will cherish this collaboration in the future with a sense of gratitude.

Thank you all.

Professor Dr. Mohammed Obaidul Karim


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