Chattogram BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology

Chattogram BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Message from Director
Greetings from the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Chattogram BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (CBUFT), Bangladesh.

Quality is an Endless Journey of Excellence. To promote quality culture at CBUFT, the IQAC was established on January 12, 2022. The main aim of IQAC-CBUFT is to develop a systematic process for appraising and updating the academic programs continually. However, the cell is equally responsible for ensuring quality teaching-learning, research, creation of new knowledge, and providing student and faculty development services. Understanding the emerging demand of the employment market, IQAC-CBUFT is initiating market-oriented, industry-focused, and SDG-aligned student and faculty development programs emphasizing excellence in innovation and applied research.

IQAC is committed to serving all the university's stakeholders and society. CBUFT- IQAC team is also accountable for structuring a quality governance system and formulating transparent quality assurance policies and procedures. The IQAC team continuously monitors the performance standards of the academic programs, complying with the guidelines set by the Bangladesh Accreditation Council. We are delighted to support the administration of CBUFT and to work as an integral wing of this great institution.

Professor Kazi Nazmul Huda

Director, IQAC, CBUFT

The vision of IQAC-CBUFT:
To be a self-reliant institution through effective quality assurance service to all CBUFT stakeholders.

Our mission is to ensure adequate quality assurance service to the university through improving quality policies and the art of the education management system, which will eventually facilitate the creation of an excellent academic environment.

Objectives of the IQAC -CBUFT
  1. To execute quality assurance (QA) decisions taken by the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) of CBUFT.
  2. To organize training, workshops, and seminars on quality assurance for faculty members and administrative staff.
  3. To initiate programs for obtaining national and international accreditations.
  4. To design, plan, and create projects for facilitating effective teaching-learning pedagogy.
  5. To formulate strategies for continually improving the academic and research culture of CBUFT.

Functions of IQAC-CBUFT
  • Oversee the management of IQAC and be responsible for all its activities;
  • Establish milestones and performance indicators for smooth and effective implementation of IQAC activities to meet international standards;
  • Take necessary steps to develop a culture to achieve a position in World University Rankings;
  • Coordinate among the UGC, the respective universities, and the QAU;
  • Co-ordinate, supervise, and monitor all Quality Assurance (QA) and Teaching Learning (TL) related activities of the IQAC within the university;
  • Establish a liaison with other national and international universities and research organizations to learn the best practices;
  • Explore the emerging issues about higher education and recommend those to the QAC and the UGC;
  • Prepare performance-based budget subject to availability of grants, aid, and endowment from the UGC and other organizations;
  • Arrange meetings regularly to assess the performance of the IQAC in promoting the best QA culture and TL practices within the university;
  • Formulate a strategic plan and recommend it to the QAC and the UGC for enhancement of the overall quality of the university;
  • Develop a database software of information regarding the training to be delivered to all relevant stakeholders on QA and TL;
  • Execute all QA and TL-related decisions as directed by the UGC, the QAC, and Syndicate of the university;
  • Report to the QAC and the UGC twice a year.

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